Amany 1-1PersonalTrainer Home Trainer in Slough


My Personality

I am a mother of 3 but you wouldn't be able to tell. That is the beauty of the right training method not the standard training that should harm your youth hormones.

My Experience

I have been in the training industry since I was 14 years old. Back home in Egypt I was involved in training my Mum's clients and I spent over a decade experimenting on myself with different workout programs and nutrition concepts based around what was available to me at the time. I have trained with people like you from different fitness backgrounds in both countries.
I was blessed to be able to help in different nations and get the experience I wanted to exceed.
I wanted to show people how simple it can be to get leaner, stronger and more athletic bodies they can be proud of.

My Teaching Style and Engagement with Students

My knowledge and experience of training is very different to what you may have come across previously.
You might have tried other programs or methods in the past with nothing to show for it.
I have designed and reshaped the training system to make sure it fits your needs and your ability along with your target and my target in your training regime.
It provides you with all the knowledge, tools and support you need to achieve your desired results. With tried and tested methodologies, I know that once you start to trust, work on and believe, you’ll create the changes you never thought possible.

My Success Stories

My approach to working out will give you far better results than losing weight but you will look younger and stronger with an enormous self confident.
There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing so many people achieve such incredible feelings and transformations.