Pardafit Trainer Slough

Set your own intention for class!
Join me, Daniela as we bring the body back into its natural alignment and the mind back into present.

I integrate a unique sequence of asana and breath exercises, intended to open up the whole body to relieve stiffness and relax the mind, so that its’ energy flow can naturally shine. Yoga postures and breath reduce overall stiffness, strengthen muscles and joints, keep the body supple, and maintain a healthy nervous, circulatory, digestive, endocrine, and immune system.

The other aspect I bring into these classes is a strong connected sense of mind, body and breath awareness. Research shows that these techniques are extremely vital for our general well being and positive energy flow is proven to reduce stress in any environment we live in as it increases a sense of natural calm, clarity and joy. My classes are delivered in English and Sanskrit.

I am trained under Patanjalis eight limbs, which is reflected throughout my classes.

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