My Personality

I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years now, and specialise in teaching others to listen and hear their teacher within. I love all things holistic and also have other trainings in sound therapy, Reiki, crystal therapy and shamanism. Above all I like to spend me free time out in nature, re-charging my natural energy and connecting back to earth and spending time with my gorgeous tribe: children, friends, family and my kitty!

My Experience

I've learnt that we can push and strive to get to a place beyond our reach, but this can lead to injury and dissatisfaction. Traditional yoga teaches us to not compete with others, or think we should be someone we are truly not which leads to injury and self misconception, but rather than this result, I lead my students to a place of contentment, harmony, strength and flexibility, self understanding and satisfaction through breath, movement, awareness and posture.


My Teaching Style and Engagement with Students

My teaching style and engagement with students

People who join me in class, can then take their yoga practice off the mat and into the great wide open with life changing results.

My Success Stories

By guiding people through safe and appropriate target exercises e.g, types of posture, most beneficial breathwork, teaching knowing how to listen to their body in order to reach the key space within range of movement, all this together guides the client towards safe healthy and balanced yoga wellness for mind, body and spirit.

Daniella 1-1 Personal Trainer Home Tutor in Slough