Pardafit Trainer Slough


Do you want to tone and shape your body? Are you a working mum, housewife or too shy to go to the gym? If so, then join me, Elena, to become a better version of yourself and create a positive mindset.


I am doing sports since I was 8 years old. I began my journey with gymnastics, swimming and athletics. I have been a sprinter for 14 years and have compete for the National team of my country. I am all about psychical and mental health. I have degree in Sports, HND Health and Social Care, BSc Public Health and Health Promotion, and Level 5 in Teaching and Education. I have experience in kinesiology and massages such as: Sport massage, Swedish massage and Deep tissue massage.  

How my workouts will help other ladies:


What is a women? A person who is multitasked. Always busy and in rush. That’s why my program offers 30 minutes online sessions in groups and personal. 3-4 times a week variety of evenings and mornings. 

I know what physical exercises can give us as women, speaking from personal experience. The last two years have been mentally exhausting, so my personal program aims to target mental and psychical health. We as women are very emotional, so through my program, I want to target our emotions and feelings and redirect them into our body. Connect our mind with our muscle groups that we focus on. This program involves using mini bands, long loop bands, and weights at home.