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My name is Naim Ahmad and I am the Founder of PardaFit! I am a qualified Level 2 Swim Teacher, Level 3 Football Coach and hold other sports qualifications alongside a BSc in Sports Science and Coaching Studies. 


I have been running my other companies including DucksToSharks Swim School and Tutors4Berkshire since 2015. I am delighted to NOW introduce PardaFit in Slough to the community which focuses on private, ladies only classes including personal training, pilates, zumba, running, HIIT, massage and yoga! In the name, PardaFit, the word 'Parda' in Urdu refers to 'curtain' or 'covering' for privacy. Muslim women in general observe this by wearing a head covering called a 'hijab' as a part of their faith and in modesty. 


Aside from religious reasons, many women prefer to exercise in privacy or in a ladies only environment, to guard their modesty, and for privacy and protection. I have therefore felt the strong need to launch a programme where women of all faiths and predispositions can exercise freely without limits, without the need for Parda, at the same time being able to make friends and getting fit together. Welcome all to PardaFit!

PardaFit is the No.1 place for women of all faiths and predispositions to attend if they are looking for personal training, pilates, zumba, running, HIIT and yoga sessions online or to a venue local to their area in Slough! Exercise without restrictions, exercise without parda - complete privacy - get fit today! 


We are a ladies-only focused provider, providing you with private, group lessons where you can socialise with other ladies whilst getting fit and learning new exercises! Very affordable lessons and trained, friendly, experienced instructors!


Mums and daughters (aged 10+), cousins, friends, family friends - all are welcome! 


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